• Teh Sweggurboi
    1. Hotel California
    2. Take It Easy
    3. Desperado
    4. The Boys of Summer (Don Henley)
    5. One of These Nights
    6. Take It to the Limit
    7. New Kid in Town
    8. Rocky Mountain Way (Joe Walsh)
    9. Best of My Love
    10. Peaceful Easy Feeling
    11. Life in the Fast Lane
    12. Lyin' Eyes
    13. I Can't Tell You Why
    14. Please Come Home for Christmas
    15. Life's Been Good (Joe Walsh)
    16. Heartache Tonight
    17. Tequila Sunrise
    18. Already Gone
    19. The Heat Is On (Glenn Frey)
    20. Victim of Love
    21. Witchy Woman
    22. The Long Run
    23. Wasted Time
    24. The Last Resort
    25. New York Minute (Don Henley)
    26. Seven Bridges Road
    27. Love Will Keep Us Alive
    28. How Long
    29. Get Over It
    30. Outlaw Man
    31. In the City
    32. Waiting in the Weeds
    33. James Dean
    34. The End of the Innocence (Don Henley)
    35. Doolin-Dalton
    36. Busy Being Fabulous
    37. Long Road Out of Eden
    38. The Heart of the Matter (Don Henley)
    39. Try and Love Again
    40. Dirty Laundry (Don Henley)
    41. Hole in …
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